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20 Must-Ask Questions To Ask Guest Speakers

Your ability to ask questions, not just any questions, but quality ones, makes you stand out. The ability to ask questions is what truly distinguishes you at an event. This is because when you begin posing thought-provoking questions, it demonstrates your engagement with the guest speakers; in other words, it shows that you should have been present but actively paying attention throughout the presentation.  

Furthermore, other than the guest speakers, when attendees hear your quality questions, it signals to them the amount of your expertise on the subject in the discussion. During those moments, you can draw the attention of potential business prospects or signal promising job opportunities. While attending an event, you must be proactive and engage with organizers and fellow participants to make the most of your experience and stand out as an event attendee. The key to achieving this is asking meaningful questions. 

This blog will explore 20 essential questions to ask guest speakers (and their explanations) to help you make a positive impression and get the most out of any event.

20 Big Questions To Ask Guest Speakers

You should pick a theme for your senior graduation speech carefully. The theme you pick will shape your speech, affecting the words you say, the stories you tell, and the message you give. It guides your audience in thinking, feeling inspired, and motivated.

Choosing the right theme matters because it can make your speech memorable, relatable, and impactful. The theme connects you as the speaker, fellow graduates, and the audience. It represents your shared experiences, goals, and wisdom gained during your school journey.

For example, if you follow a theme like “Setting Goals,” your speech will radiate optimism and ambition. You’ll inspire your fellow graduates to aim high and chase their dreams. On the other hand, if you pick “Overcoming Adversity” as your theme, your speech will have a tone of resilience and determination. It will convey that staying strong and having a positive attitude can conquer life’s challenges.

1. What inspired the organizers to create this event, and what are their primary goals?

Starting with this question shows your interest and helps you understand the purpose and objectives of the event. It also lets you figure out why the event is happening and what it should achieve. 

2. Can you recommend specific must-see sessions or speakers for someone with my interests?

Organizers often have insights into the most valuable content at the event, so asking this question can guide your choices. When you ask them this question, it helps you make better decisions about what to do or see at the event. 

3. How can I get involved or contribute to this event meaningfully?

Discover active participation opportunities, such as volunteering or submitting content, to enrich your experience. This means you can do things like volunteering to help out or sharing your ideas and creations. 

4. Are there any networking opportunities or social events planned for attendees?

Networking is a big part of any event. Knowing about these get-togethers can help you figure out your schedule. To ensure you can make time for these meetings, it’s a good idea to find out when and where they will occur.

5. What's the key theme or message you hope attendees will take away from this event?

Getting the main idea of an event helps you match your goals with what the event is trying to do. If you know the main message or theme of the event, you can make sure your goals and plans align with it.

6. Can you tell me more about the speakers' or panelists' background and expertise?

Finding out about the qualifications of speakers or panelists can help you pick the sessions that suit your interests and needs. It’s like selecting your favorite ice cream flavor – you go for the one you know you’ll like the most.

7. How can I connect with other like-minded attendees or participants in my industry?

Creating a group of people who share your interests can make a big difference in your career, so don’t hesitate to seek advice on connecting with them. It’s like having teammates in a game – you can support each other and collaborate to achieve success.

8. What practical takeaways or actionable insights can I expect to gain from this event?

Get a preview of the knowledge and skills you’ll acquire to ensure that the event aligns with your professional development goals. It’s a bit like watching a trailer for a movie – it gives you an idea of what the movie is all about. 

9. Is there an event app or online platform for networking and accessing event resources?

In the digital age, staying connected through event apps or online platforms is essential. Find out about these tools to make the most of your event. It’s like having a special map on your phone when exploring a new place – it helps you find your way and discover exciting things.

10. How can I stay updated on event schedule changes or important announcements?

Being aware of schedule changes or critical announcements ensures you get all the valuable content and opportunities. It’s like ensuring you don’t miss any surprise goodies at a birthday party.

11. What support or resources are available to help attendees with special needs or requirements?

Events should be accessible to all. Learn about the support and resources available for attendees with special needs. To make this happen, we need to find out about the help and things that can make it easier for people with special needs to enjoy the event. 

12. Can you recommend any local restaurants or places of interest for after-event networking or relaxation?

Enjoying local spots for networking or relaxation after the event can be a great way to unwind and connect with fellow attendees. It’s like going to your favorite park or ice cream shop with your friends after playing a game – you can have more fun and get to know each other better.

13. Should I be aware of any upcoming or related events?

Stay informed about related events, which can help you plan your professional calendar. It’s like knowing when your favorite TV shows come on so you can plan your evening.

14. How can I access presentation slides, recordings, or materials from the event after it's over?

Many events provide valuable resources that you can refer back to. Find out how to access these materials. It’s like getting a recipe for a tasty dish you can cook whenever you want.

15. What opportunities are there for giving feedback or suggestions for future events?

Your feedback can help organizers improve future events, so inquire about the feedback process. It’s like telling your friend how to make your favorite game even more fun. 

16. How can I use the event's official social media channels and hashtags to share my experiences and connect with other attendees?

Social media is a powerful tool for event engagement. Learn to connect and share your experiences with the event’s online community. Like sharing cool photos and stories about your day with friends, you can do the same with the event. 

17. What are the event's sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives, if any?

Understanding an event’s commitment to sustainability can help you align your values with the event’s ethos. It’s like checking if your friend wants to protect nature just like you do. Understanding an event’s commitment to sustainability helps you make sure you’re part of something that cares about the environment and the world. 

18. Can you provide more information about the event's sponsors and exhibitors?

Sponsors and exhibitors can offer valuable products and services. Get to know who they are and what they have to offer. It’s like when your favorite store has a big sale – you want to know what they have. 

19. What are the key trends or challenges the event aims to address within our industry?

Events often revolve around industry trends and challenges. Understanding these can help you stay ahead of the curve. It’s like learning the latest tricks and secrets in your favorite video game – it enables you to play better. 

20. Are there any volunteer or mentorship opportunities related to the event?

Participating in event-related volunteer work or mentorship programs can be a rewarding experience. Inquire about these opportunities. It’s like helping your younger sibling or friend learn something new – it feels excellent to share your knowledge. 


Attending an event is more than just physically being present; it’s about engaging with the event’s community and content. By asking these 20 guest speaker questions, you can make the most of your event experience, stand out as an attendee, and leave valuable insights and connections to benefit your professional journey. So, be proactive, engage, and remember the questions to ask guest speakers.

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