James Radford

5 Reasons Why Your Spiritual Self is Just
as Important as Your Mental and Physical Self

The world we are living in lately has become quite mechanical. People are always on the go, always trying to get to the next task, always finding something new to do. In this fast-paced world many of us have let go of our spirituality. The meaning of spirituality is not the same as that of religion. Religion is a part of spirituality, but the two are entirely different.

Our spirit is a part of our being, like the mind and the body. And no, the spirit is not the same as the mind, so mental and spiritual health are very different things. 

Learning how to be spiritually healthy is beneficial in a myriad of ways, and here are some of them:

Your Life Will Always Have Meaning

One problem with people today is that we assign meaning to some very menial and inconsequential things. For so many of us, the meaning of life is having a lot of money, or finding the love of your life, or starting a family. Let’s say you achieve all of that, so is your life meaningless now?

It will only feel meaningless if you do nothing to appease your spirit. When you attach meaning to your spiritual self, achieving your worldly goals only help to give your life more meaning. Your goal evidently becomes to make your spirit more powerful, and not to get too attach to worldly pleasures.

It Is The Only Way To Have Control Over Yourself

Many of us wrongfully believe that our minds control us. Because of this belief, we often let our minds control us. This results in anxiety, depression, and a need to constantly rationalize or find the logic behind everything. Real control happens when we nurture our spirit and allow it help guide us. 

Our spirit is what helps us understand compassion, empathy, love, and it is what helps us define true success. Understanding the true meaning of spirituality is the best way to nurture your spirit and gain control over it. 

You Will Find Peace and Contentment

True peace does not come from worldly pleasures. Sure, you may experience a temporary rush of endorphins when you buy a designer bag or an Armani suit, but it can only last so long. You find peace and contentment when you become one with the universe. When you climb mountains, explore the oceans, form meaningful relationships with people, and learn to be content with what you have. All of this helps to nourish your spiritual self, helping you to find yourself. 

You Will Form Meaningful Bonds With People

Out of all the spiritual diseases a person can catch, the most debilitating one is loneliness. Remember, there is a difference between being alone and being lonely, the latter causing people to fall into terrible circumstances.

When you focus on your spiritual self, every new bond you form is more meaningful. You learn to show compassion towards people and put effort into relationships, which ultimately helps to define success for you as well. 

It Will Help You Humble Yourself

The ego is another spiritual disease that can spread like cancer and blind the individual to all the goodness that life has to offer. Helping to soothe your spirit and find the meaning of spirituality as it is to you will help you to see yourself as a mortal human being. Humility allows people to get closer to people and to find contentment easily. It prevents people from getting too attached to materialistic and worldly pleasures and discovering more about themselves and the world around them. 

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