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Is Life Coaching Worth It? What Should
You Expect From Your Life Coach?

Have you ever felt a sense of purposelessness in life? Like you are floating away, letting the wind carry you, and don’t really have any goals and ambitions of your own. Maybe you have spent your entire life living up to other people’s expectations of you, and it is finally time for you to start thinking of yourself. This is where a life coach comes in. What is a life coach, you may want to ask? They aim to find you a purpose and give your life new meaining. Let’s find out more: 

What is a Life Coach, and What Will They Achieve?

No matter how unambitious you may feel, every single person has a purpose. Sure, not everyone wants to be a CEO of a billion-dollar business; some people just want to open a bakery and spend their lives baking goods for people. Goals and ambitions differ for everyone. People are often patronized by their family members and peers for not wanting to take the popular road to success. This leads them to believe that there is no purpose to their lives, even though they know exactly what they want deep down.

So a life coach will not try to curate a new life or a new purpose for you. They just want to remind you what really matters to you so you can revitalize yourself. It helps to change people’s perspectives on life and look beyond the barriers that they set for themselves.You can even find a life coach online, who will allow you to set goals for yourself. A successful run witha life coach leaves people feeling energetic, ambitious, and passionate, and it helps people validate themselves and gain direction.

Techniques Used By a Life Coach

Whether you find a life coach in person or a life coach online, a good one tailors a plan according to the needs of every client. They take a few sessions to get acquainted with the client and learn everything they can about them. This includes their background, their story, hardships, career, and anything that can help the life coach determine what the individual might want from life. 

After that, the coaching sessions are a combination of different processes that help the client get where they want. These include affirmations, meditation, hypnosis, visualization, and other techniques that make the individual more insightful. The sessions continue modifying as they progress, depending on each client’s need. 

People often set mental, spiritual, and physical barriers for themselves, which prevent them from setting goals and living meaningful lives. A life coach offers a view that the individual could not have come up with on their own, and this new vision helps them see past their barriers and live purposefully. 

Life Coach vs. Therapy

Life coaching is very different from therapy. THe battle of life coach vs. therapy is not very enlightening since the two are very different from each other.

First of all, a life coach does not just focus on an individual’s mental health. Yes, the mental well-being of the individual matters a lot to the life coach, but it is just one part of the entire journey. The focus of the life coach is purely on the goals that an individual can set and achieve.

A life coach will also not help you to recover from traumatic events in the past. If one does find themselves healing from their trauma, it is a by-product of the sessions and not the purpose.

Life coaches want you to take the next step in your life. They want to determine what resources and tools you need to continue moving forward and no longer be stuck. A therapist just wants you to be mentally healthy, even if it means you stay in the present. 

Therefore, the jobs of both professionals are very different. You go to a therapist if you are depressed or anxious, and you go to a life coach if you are stuck. 

Is It Worth It?

There is no singular, simple answer to this question because it is very individualized. If you feel like you have a set career path, you know what you want from life and how to get there, you probably do not need a life coach, and it will not be worth it.

However, if you have been stuck for a long time and nothing you do seems like it is propelling you in any direction, then a life coach may be the perfect investment for you. You can only make this decision once you have taken a few sessions for yourself. As long as you are clear on what is a life coach and how they can help you, you can make a sound decision for yourself.

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